What the festival judges say at:

The Cotswold International Film and Video Festival (CIFVF)
British International Film and Video Festival IAC  (BIAFF)
The Guernsey Lily International Film and Video Festival. (GLIFVF)

The Genie

I particularly liked the subtle body language of the characters.  (Alan Colter) BIAFF)

The Magic Carpet

Another little gem from the series. (Valrie Ellis  BIAFF)

Arabian Prince.
An engaging film with good entertainment value. (Carol Nowell)  CIFVF

A fantastic film suitable for all.   (Elaine Ford) CIFVF

The Visiting Dog

I thought the expressions on the puppets’ faces brilliant. A true pleasure to watch. (B. Cooke  CIFVF)

Superb animation to please all sorts of audience.  (Annie Blick.   CIFVF)

The Talking Horse

This beautifully crafted video is a refreshing experience for any judge.   (Roger Bowns GLFVF)

Entertaining to all ages (Annie Blick CIFVF)

Voice-overs superb and fit the characters well (Annie Blick CIFVF)

Fantastic! I feel this will appeal to a very wide audience  (Brian Cooke CIFVF)

Good for all ages (Ron Oswell CIFVF)

The whole production a delight to watch. ( Valrie Ellis  Guernsey Lily Festival.)

The Diet

Faultless just wonderful. A true pleasure to watch. (B.Cooke CIFVF)

A most original variation on the everyday happenings in a village. (Catriona Stares  GLFVF)

Fantastic! Choice of voices spot on. (Neil Archer GLIFVF)

The characters totally believable. (Annie Blick  CIFVF)

This little gem can be enjoyed by old and young alike. (Peter Rouillard  GLFVF)

The Grand Sale

Certainly another sure-fire audience pleaser. (Peter Rouillard GLFVF)

The flying parrot very amusing. Good entertainment for young and old. (Annie Blick  (GLFVF)

It all flows and transports us into an almost timeless Utopian land (Norman Spiers  IAC BIAFF)

Fantastic animation to tell a nice story. (Rebecca Booth GLFVF)

The idea of the parrot versus the cow is brilliant and funny. (Grant Thornton CIFVF)

A joy from start to finish. One of the best short films of the day.  (David Mcguigan   GLIFVF)

What children say.

Children who saw the first six episodes

I love the series so much and I look forward to coming home from school and watching it. The Conman was my favourite of all because I liked the contrast between the shifty con-man and the gullible Mrs Barraclough. Cathy aged 13:

I thought the puppets absolutely amazing especially Mrs Gumble Bump. The way her lips and eyebrows moved was brilliant. My favourite character was Wobblejuice.  Christopher aged 8

I thought The Centaur was good. I liked it when the groty old lady was in her car and she said to the Centaur “Get off the road. You shouldn't be on the road without lights!”  Daniel aged 7

I like Willoughby Drive because it is understood by nearly all ages and funny too. My favourites are The Conman  and The Baby Snatcher. Another reason why I like it is because it is a change from all of the children’s films and programs. Jonathan, aged 9

I found Willoughby Drive very interesting and I enjoyed watching it more than once. My favourite story was Wobblejuice. Anna, aged 13

Children who saw episodes 10-13

The Diet.

I liked it when Mr Gumble Bump and Mr Barraclough went to the keep fit class ands the teacher said to Mr Gumble Bump “Higher Mr Gumble Bump, point those toes!   Fenella, aged 12.

The Talking Horse.

I like it when the bus driver goes mad and Mrs Gumble Bump acts mad. Harriet, age 8

 The Grand Sale.

 It was very funny and I liked the fact that Mrs Gumble Bump squished her own cake     Gus: age 10

 The Visiting Dog.  

I liked it when the dog talked to the other dog.  Fred: age 5