GILLIE ROBIC cv for Voicework, May 2007

Gillie Robic is a puppeteer and voice artist with a wide range of styles in her repertoire. She has voiced many characters in animation, including Louisa in Five Minutes More, Crong in Pororo, Ella and several other characters in award winning series Willoughby Drive. She was Roma in BAFTA winning The Hoobs and Strid in BAFTA winning Ripley & Scuff. Many other animation characters include Arabel in Mortimer and Arabel, Treezle Bee in Niniís Treehouse, Polly in Pingu loves English and Arabella in Tiny & Crew. Gillie has also made many recordings of Corporate Documents for various financial organizations and commercial businesses, Language courses, Therapy courses and User Manuals. Gillie has a clear, warm voice with great range and flexibility. She has made a speciality of voicing children but is equally at home with older voices and many accents. Her natural speaking voice is RP. Gillie speaks fluent French and gets by in German and Italian.